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Members of Coop La Machine since its inception in 2012, Mélanie Plourde and Monique Labelle are driven by same principle: opposing wastefulness and reclaiming used clothing.

The shop exhibits their broad creativity: accessories and handicrafts line the shelves or decorate the walls, while clothes for each and every one look as if they were dancing on their hangers, joyfully unique and colorful as they are!

Coop La Machine

The two associates say they draw their inspiration from the "clothes hunt", during which they pick out fabrics that catch their eye. "Even though I don't know what I'll make of them yet, they speak to me!" says Monique, the main seamstress of the workers' cooperative.

Originally from Montréal, the professional dancer with a career spanning over thirty years says that she started sewing to create her own performance costumes, which would otherwise have been far too expensive. Today still, she considers sewing an "essential step" in her creative process. She finds colors and their layouts to be stimulating when it comes to designing new products.

As for Mélanie, she learned sewing from her grandmother, with whom she created her Halloween costumes. She also gained her environmental awareness in her native Rivière-du-Loup, where she spent time in thrift stores on the lookout for low-cost clothing.

Coopérative La Machine
Coop La Machine
Coop La Machine
Coop La Machine
Coop La Machine
Coop La Machine
Coop La Machine

At Coop La Machine, the specialized educator and qualified psychosociologist helps with production when she's not too wrapped up in customer service, social media and partnership development. "I tend to be a bit scattered!" she laughs. "We have so many different things to do in one day, with so little time!"

Laughter and cheerfulness appear to be Mélanie and Monique's brand, as they complement each other in the creation and marketing of environment-friendly items.

Both women are proud to engage in the circular economy, while offering shelf space to craftspeople who also share their values, from the islands as well as from all over Québec.

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