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Patrick spent his very first night on the Îles de la Madeleine on Lapierre Road. Some fifteen years later, he still lives along this little dirt road - his workshop is now part of the landscape, well planted at the foot of the hill. In his heart, Bassin is the most beautiful island of them all, and he's just as proud of it as any Islander would be.

When he decided to leave the city for this nation of sand dunes, seascapes and winds, he made the move with a strong sense of good things to come. He somehow knew that the remoteness would bear fruit and allow him to live from his art, and he wasn't wrong.

The Atelier-Galerie Patrick Le Blond

Here, he found the time, the light, the space, the silence, the peace of mind and the freedom he genuinely needed to live and create uncompromisingly.

Child of a land latticed with firmly-anchored roots, he built his life on the Maggies by committing fully and passionately to his work, while sharing with the Islanders and the visitors alike the respect he bears to his craft.

Patrick summons the character of the men of old: hard-working, courageous, wholehearted, passionate. Day after day, true to his art, he keeps on refining and redefining, inhabited by the desire to uncover the remaining mysteries of color, enamel and whatever could happen inside his oven.

Atelier-Galerie Patrick Le Blond
Atelier-Galerie Patrick Le Blond
Atelier-Galerie Patrick Le Blond
Atelier-Galerie Patrick Le Blond
Atelier-Galerie Patrick Le Blond
Atelier-Galerie Patrick Le Blond
Atelier-Galerie Patrick Le Blond


Potter, ceramist, and painter, Patrick imagines and glimpses at the Islands from mid-air. His delicate brush strokes bring life to the textured surface of jars, mugs and chargers with the likes of great blue herons, crows, foxes or Alice the cat, peering through the workshop's window.

Behind the closed door of his workshop at the end of the road, Patrick throws, paints, and cooks both unique works of art and everyday pieces. Each object is hand-shaped with care, love and attention into a marvellous masterpiece. That's his way of practicing the trade he loves and making sure the tradition stays alive - and he wouldn't have it any other way.

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