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Portrait of an inspired islander

To be a Madelinot is to have the good fortune of living in a place that is truly inspiring. Although it may not always be apparent, as islanders, we are conditioned by the place where we live. Whether it's a matter of rhythm, of quality of light ‒ or of its absence ‒ everything exerts an influence on this islander! He will readily find inspiration in long walks along the beaches or during snowshoe outings that open up the back country. His abiding passion for writing has led him to share his know-how through the writing workshops which he enjoys holding during the winter months.

As the eldest member of a family of nine children, he soon discovered that islanders, by obligation, must travel more often than mainlanders. Much like many Madelinots of his generation, Georges Langford was still quite young when he left Les Îles to go to school in Bathurst, New Brunswick, where he spent six years. This is where he made his first acquaintances with Acadian culture. In those days, the Îles de la Madeleine did not have the high profile that they enjoy today. Nonetheless, the people he met were genuinely interested in the place he came from. That's when he realised that Les Îles could be interesting and that he could integrate them in his writing. Actually, by remaining curious and by exchanging views with people from other regions, he acquired a whole new perception of the Madelinot archipelago. Through his extensive travels, and wherever he went, he was ever conscious of the lifestyle of islanders. Let's face it: Madelinots are accidental tourists in their own country!


In the Madelinot's own words

« The fact that we live on an island forces us to open up to the world and to learn a lot from the people who come to visit us. »

- Georges Langford

Georges Langford

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