Observe rare birds

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observe rare birds

Observe unique birds

The archipelago has about 300 species, some of which are endangered, such as the piping plover. The islands are a paradise for these water and sea birds. Birdwatching enthusiasts will be delighted!

We invite you to come and observe them in peace all year long!

Here are a few tips to avoid damaging their habitat and to be able to enjoy them:

  • Always use the wooden walkways and marked trails to avoid being in a nesting area.
  • Avoid disturbances on the water during the breeding season.
  • Do not enter marked nesting areas.

To know the main species present on the archipelago and their description, discover this book written by Attention Fragiles. (in french only)

Where to observe them ?

Whether at sea, nesting in the cliffs, in the woods or in the dunes, each species has its favorite place!

    Discover here the best places to observe them 

In the Islands, I engage myself to participate in a sustainable and responsible tourism

Responsible and sustainable travel

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Please note that all visitors aged 13 and over must pay a fee of $30 before leaving the archipelago for departures between May 1st and October 14th, 2024. Read more