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On the archipelago, creative artists soon fall under the spell of the exceptional maritime environment, finding endless sources of inspiration in the sea, the red cliffs, the sand dunes and the extraordinarily luminous quality of the ambient light.

In 2018, the Îles de la Madeleine was recognized CreativeFriendly Destination by the Creative Tourism Network®. The singular culture of the destination, due to the strong insular identity and DNA and a very participative population generate a vibrant creative atmosphere that fosters the high presence of artists and artisans.

The Îles de la Madeleine received in 2015 the Best Strategy for Creative Tourism Development award as part of the Creative Tourism Awards. This recognition aims to reward organizations, projects and destinations worldwide that foster this new generation of tourism, characterized by the active participation of the visitors in artistic and creative activities.


The Creative Tourism Network®

Creative Tourism Network

The Creative Tourism Network® is an international organization created with the aim of fostering the creative tourism around the world. Among their objectives, there is the promotion of the destinations that have a potential to welcome the creative visitors.


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