The best time to come to the islands?

Best time to go

The best time to come to the islands ?

You wish to visit the Islands differently ? Do you have a flexible vacation? Discovering the Magdalen Islands in a different way than during the summer frenzy will surely charm you! Certainly, the businesses and restaurants have modified schedules and others have a limited offer but with a good preparation, a memorable stay is guaranteed!

When visiting the archipelago during the less busy seasons, the experience is even more enriching and immersive. Residents have more time to chat, share their anecdotes and let you discover well kept secrets of the Magdalen Islands culture.

Whether it's in the fall, with its flamboyant colors and luminosity, in the winter to soak up the elements of nature and the particularities of insularity or in the spring and the awakening of maritime flavors, the archipelago has something to please all lovers of beautiful landscapes and rejuvenation.

In the Islands, I am committed to sustainable and responsible tourism.

Responsible and sustainable travel

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