Preserving the landscape

Travel responsibly and sustainably

Travel while enjoying unspoiled landscapes

Travel while enjoying unspoiled landscapes

An essential dune environment

 Dunes offer an important protection against contamination of the fresh groundwater table by salt water. They also provide protection for road infrastructures, as well as an important living environment for plants and animals that come here to seek shelter and food.

The dunes protect us from storms and tides, and the vegetation on the dunes plays an important role in this! So let's be vigilant when we walk, use the footbridges and the identified paths and don't forget to park in the indicated places.

Beaches by hundred of km

 Most of the sand on the beaches comes from the erosion of the red sandstone cliffs. In total, the Magdalen Islands archipelago has nearly 300 km of beaches! Don't worry, you will always have a place to put your towel and enjoy swimming or walking a few kilometers.

A few precautions to take to make the most of it. Always park in the designated areas to access it. Use the boardwalks and trails. Check out this interactive map for access to the beaches.

Many species of birds are present on the beaches and can nest there. It is forbidden to drive on the beaches with your vehicle. Some exceptions to the rule between May 15 and September 15:

Fragile cliffs

 Enjoy the beauty of the landscape in complete safety. The cliffs are sometimes made of very friable sandstone, so be careful when you walk! Many species of birds nest in the cliffs, a unique opportunity to observe them, be careful and enjoy!


Lagoons as far as the eye can see

Numerous animal and plant species inhabit the archipelago's water bodies. It is therefore necessary to be particularly vigilant during your outings on the water in order to protect the environment, while enjoying its richness.
Several activities will allow you to fully enjoy them while participating in their protection.

If you practice sliding and wind sports, discover some tips for safe and sustainable practices.
If you want to know more about the water bodies and the St. Lawrence, the Comité ZIP des îles, will be able to answer your questions and organizes regular awareness activities.

In the Islands, I engage myself to participate in a sustainable and responsible tourism

Responsible and sustainable travel

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Please note that all visitors aged 13 and over must pay a fee of $30 before leaving the archipelago for departures between May 1st and October 14th, 2024. Read more