Buy local

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Buy local

Buy local

Where to get local products ?

You will be delighted to know that in the islands you will find a wide variety of local products, beautiful souvenirs to bring back in your suitcase! You will find many artisans who can offer you exhibitions of their creations and you could leave with them!

The Circuit des Arts is a good way to meet them during your stay.

Many flavors are present on the archipelago, cheese dairies, butcher shops, bakeries, there will be something to spoil your taste buds and take a little piece of home with you! While walking the Circuit des Saveurs, you will have the opportunity to taste, smell and buy your best gourmet souvenirs.

A few boutiques and grocery stores are also spread throughout the archipelago, go meet them and make your choice on the shelves.

Also, you will find many souvenir stores where you can do your shopping.

In the Islands, I am committed to sustainable and responsible tourism.

Responsible and sustainable travel

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