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Cap Alright Lighthouse

Fall is a season of contradictions: while the wind is at its fiercest, moments of peace and relaxation are also easier to find than ever. As if getting blown away by the elements, hair tangled and face covered in sea salt, was enough to also blow away our worries and make room for some quiet introspection.

It's the perfect time of the year to settle down and take in the gorgeous, ever-shifting show put out by Mother Nature. Fall is also when landscapes get discovered anew—outdoors enthusiasts and photography aficionados are all eyes for the white swells, the dancing beach grass, and the crisp autumn light that bathes the archipelago and shines against the ochre cliffsides, the firmament sea and the golden hollows. Do you feel the fresh breeze filling your lungs? Take another deep breath.

An invitation to go back to one's roots

The frenzy of the summer months now fades away in a welcomed lull, where cozy gatherings and great meals among friends stretch late into the evening.

We seize these occasions to relate the summer, share news of those who came for a visit and finally catch up.

Just as everyone gets to go back to their favourite hobbies, musicians get back together to practise a few reels and play traditional Acadian and Magdalen Islands songs!

The latest harvests from the local producers coincide with berry and chanterelle picking. But don't even think about getting in on the Islanders' favourite spots to go gather your share of the delicious treasure! Even among them, the secret locations are rarely disclosed.

Village of Havre-Aubert from the air, view of the Butte des Demoiselles
Stone polishing during a creation workshop in the Magdalen Islands
Buttes des Demoiselles, Havre-Aubert
Belle-Anse cliffs, Fatima
Biking at Cap Alright, Havre-aux-Maisons
kitesurfing in the waves
Having a drink at our producers is yes!

The chillier days call for family reunions and long cooking sessions from traditional recipes, which will then get to fill the freezer and pantry, to everyone's delight as the winter months pass by. From soups to stuffed bread rolls, from pizzas to egg rolls and meat pies—an all-time favourite—a complete menu of aromas fills the house and brings back childhood memories. These are the same smells that will comfort us once the cold settles in.

While some fishing boats still bring ashore the best the sea has to offer, other vessels head for the slip to freshen up before next year's seafaring.

Buttes pelées at the sunriseThe prevailing winds rush in, sometimes in gusts, sometimes in a slow build-up. This new breath of air sets the tone for a rediscovery of the archipelago, by land or by sea. So be it while completing the different legs of the walking trails Sentiers entre Vents et Marées or by getting acquainted with boardsports and wind sports, you're guaranteed to wonder at the sight of nature transforming before your eyes.

The cultural calendar is still filled with gems, and artists draw inspiration from the seasonal changes for their next creations. It's the perfect timing to meet them and get swooped away by their tales and anecdotes. The autumn air is doing wonders on your creativity? Why not take part in a creative session with the artists! You'll get a chance to craft unforgettable memories while learning about the trade of the artisans.

Extend this gentle moment of peace by going on a retreat, taking a yoga class or enjoying a massage. There's no better place on Earth to disconnect and take some me-time. We recharge and go back to our roots by contemplating the Islands' most stunning landscapes and seascapes.

Give it a try, dive in! You'll be delighted to discover in these quiet moments everything the season brings to the Magdalen Islands.
May the winds carry you to our shores!

Fall, as seen by #FousDesIles

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