Île Brion Ecological Reserve

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Île Brion Ecological Reserve

Île Brion has been an ecological reserve since 1988. It is located 16 km north of Grosse Île. It was inhabited by a few families during about a hundred years. It has been uninhabited for the last fifty years. Fishermen set up seasonal quarters there until the beginning of the seventies. The Island now mounts a watchful guard over the history of the Scottish families, Acadian fishermen and lighthouse keepers who lived there.

In addition to its historical importance, this tiny area is critical for its ecologically diverse flora and fauna, remnants of the original ecosystem of the Îles de la Madeleine. 

Brion Island is about seven kilometres long by two kilometres at its widest point. The island is difficult to access, particularly when strong winds are blowing, but it perpetuates a great ecological diversity and it is the ecological memory of Îles de la Madeleine.

Brion Island is split into two major sectors.

The largest of which, covering over 650 hectares, is the ecological reserve. The off-reserve portion of the Island is a wonderful place to observe the local flora and many species of birds, including the Atlantic Puffin.


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