Food Trail

The products of the archipelago benefit from a great reputation, and it doesn't come as a surprise. The sun's warming rays and the salty breeze that characterize these islands located in the hearth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence are in favour of the cultivation and breeding of exceptional products. The Madelinots are proud of their local products and enjoy sharing all the archipelago's treasures with the visitors. Here, local products are kings!


Our craftsmen are really passionate, and they are not trying to hide their enthusiasm!

Since you can feel their passion at every moment spent with them, why not pay them a visit directly on site? Meet them in the boutiques or at the smoke house, on the docks or in the farms, at the microbrewery or at the market, in the cafés or in the restaurants.

Thanks to the quality of its products and the friendliness of its inhabitants, you will remember the Îles de la Madeleine as an unforgettable gourmet destination. Engage in extraordinary gourmet experiments while meeting passionate craftsmen.

Producers, growers and artisans want to share their knowledge with you. Enjoy this opportunity to discover the amazing products that make all Madelinots proud.

Fromagerie Pied-de-Vent
Aucoin des Sangliers
Le Barbocheux
Gourmande de Nature
Verger Poméloi
À l'abri de la Tempête
Fumoir d'Antan


Discover the stories behind our producers, growers and artisans