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How to book a responsible vacation?

Planning your trip to the island!

Have you been dreaming about the islands for several years? Or you want to go back to visit your relatives? Or is it your pleasure to return to the islands every year? Here are our advices to not miss anything in the organization of your trip!

Prepare yourself in advance! Especially if you wish to come during the summer period. The popularity of the archipelago will not escape you, so be judicious and prepare yourself.

1. Choose the means of transportation that suits you best.

2. Check availability and book your transportation.

3. Choose an accommodation registered with the Corporation de l'Industrie Touristique du Québec. Each accommodation must display and be able to provide a registration number. If it is not the case, think twice before booking!

4. Consult the reservation and cancellation conditions that apply to avoid unpleasant surprises in case of cancellation. Check with the company or your travel agent.

5. Consult the official sources of information to prepare and book your trip. Our website of Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine is the official tourist reference of the destination. You can also use the Bonjour Québec which lists many attractions and accommodations in Quebec and for each region.

6. You come in high season (between mid-June and mid-September)? You want to return to your favorite places? Or to discover for the first time without disappointment? Book your favorite activities and restaurants! Have you spotted your favorite artist on the islands during your vacation? Don't delay in getting your tickets!

7. You changed your plans? Something unexpected has happened? Notify the companies involved! Another person will be able to benefit from the activity. Don't forget to ask about the cancellation conditions to avoid unpleasant surprises. Do you have any questions on this subject? Contact us or talk to your travel agent.

Soak up the archipelago and enjoy! The archipelago is often located far from your home, so it takes several hours to get there. Why not opt for a slow trip lasting several days? Your memories will be just as wonderful! At the same time, you will limit your carbon footprint, you will be less stressed by the trip and you will enjoy every moment.
Don't forget what they say here! In the islands, you don't have time, you have time! So take it! You are in the best place.


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