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Travel responsibly and sustainably

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Responsible camping

Enjoying the joys of camping while respecting the environment of the islands is possible and here are some tips:

As the islands are fragile, it is important that your stay is done in a way that respects nature, which is why we recommend booking a campsite before your departure. Please note that RV spaces are limited on the ferry, so you should check availability on the CTMA before your trip.

  • Avoid camping in sensitive areas. It will be easier to empty your RV since, besides campgrounds, the only places to empty your wastewater are the Dépanneur du Village and the station located near the Centre multisport Desjardins.
  • Also, practice "No Trace" after your visit. Don't leave your garbage and take it with you, don't disturb wildlife.
  • Be careful with your campfires.


It is forbidden to camp in the dunes.

  • Refill and recycle your propane tanks at designated sites.
  • To enjoy the salt air and less busy beaches, it is possible to come camping outside of July and August. This will reduce your impact on the area.
  • If you have not reserved a campsite and are looking for a parking solution, contact us for guidance.

Park in designated areas

There are numerous public parking lots throughout the territory. We invite you to use them in order to take advantage of and respect the protected and sensitive areas (dunes, cliffs, reserve...).

For access to beaches, recreational and tourist sites and contemplation areas, consult the interactive map of the municipality.

If you are looking for a parking solution, contact us for directions.


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Responsible and sustainable travel

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