eco-responsible activities

Travel responsibly and sustainably

Eco-responsible activities

Many activities are possible during your stay and will allow you to discover the richness of our territory, while preserving it!

Several of our members already offer excursions or nature interpretation activities that are eco-responsible.

From picking wild berries, to herbal tea making workshops, to wildlife observation, there is something for all tastes and all ages! Some tips to stay safe during these activities:

  • Pick berries, plants and mushrooms in appropriate areas (Pointe de l'Est Wildlife Area, Demoiselles Nature Reserve, Boudreau Island, Butte du Vent, municipal trails, parks). Pick in reasonable quantities, think of the preservation of the resources and the next visitors!
  • Shellfish harvesting (clams, cockles, razor clams...). Consult this map from the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans to find out where you can harvest. Get your shellfish measuring tools directly from our tourist information office. 300 shellfish per person per day are allowed to be harvested.
  • Sea fishing with registered companies. To take visitors on board a boat, you must have a permit from the Ministry of Transport for safety reasons. Consult our member companies to choose your next fishing trip!
In the Islands, I am committed to sustainable and responsible tourism.

Responsible and sustainable travel

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