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They are three.

Three women of different generations, for whom age is only a metric of the precious experiences we accumulate with time. Three artists in perfect symbiosis, thrilled to have met, grateful to have sensed in each other what could become. Just as three sisters, who when reunited for the first time, immediately recognized the family they've always been a part of.

The trio creates with effervescence and pleasure, and with a strong desire to share the wonder they feel in the face of the Magdalen Islands coastal riches.

À Marée Basse

Nicole Gravel is the instigator, the inspiration, the one who started it all.

Spontaneous, she is the visionary who keeps pushing forward by saying: "Yes, let's dare to!"

Talented painter with a passion for naturalist imagery, she brings poetry, dazzling ideas and a good dose of oomph to the trio. 

Maude Jomphe personifies the balance between the intuitive mind and a thoughtful organization. With a keen eye for photography and graphic design, she brings poise, definition and elegance to the trio.

Catherine Fournier is the artist's eye overseeing it all, the thorough analysis of the big picture and the minute details alike, the wording of the intricate ideas. She completes the trio with dexterity, softness, and candour, which all transpire in her illustrations and her watercolours.

À Marée Basse
À Marée Basse
À Marée Basse
À Marée Basse
À Marée Basse
À Marée Basse
À Marée Basse

Nicole is the momentum. Maude, the balance. Catherine, the refinement.

During their very first meeting, after wondering for a while on where they could go as a team, they re-positioned the long tables in Nicole's workshop. Acting as one mind, they built the décor out of the seashells and other treasures collected over the years, hidden in every nook and drawer, awaiting this precise moment. 

On a white backdrop, Nicole placed seaweeds, starfish and shells of all kinds. Without a word, Maude moved some of the pieces around and took out her camera. Catherine tagged along, making sure to help here and there. The first of many naturalist plates was created this afternoon out of the effervescence of the day. Its contemporary style eventually became their signature look.

This afternoon remains, etched in their memories. They know that the foundations of À Marée Basse were laid that day, during that creative bubble where they united their strengths and talents as the most natural thing to do. As if they already knew that together, they formed a whole.

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