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If the boutique has many sights to offer, "Do not touch" signs are not one of them. May the visitors feel the full scope of a piece with their eyes, with their hands; may they sense how the light glimmers on the stone, how it emerges from the glass; may they taste all the joy the artist felt while creating the work they're looking at. The emotions steaming from the thoughtfully textured glass, wood and metal ought to be grasped fully. That's how François wants it, that's who he is - happy to make people happy.


Self-taught multidisciplinary artist, he thrives on the other's gaze, using it to fuel his creative process, to push himself further. Driven both by curiosity and perfectionism, he never stops exploring his materials of choice for new textures, new combinations, new ways of doing things.

Boutique d'Art Tendance

It's with Hélène that he roams the beaches. Together, they gather more stones and driftwood than their arms can hold: fused and recycled glass, walrus ivory, silverware imbued with stories - all future components for the maritime-inspired jewelry, imaginary birds, everyday items and works of art that can be found at Art Tendance.

There are two distinct sides to François. He's introspective and loves to take the time to reflect on things. He creates with boldness and refines each creation to expose all its splendour with a unique, ethereal twist for a finish that often seems to defy the laws of physics.

On the other hand, François is also playful, always trying to make people smile by bringing childhood emotions and memories back to the surface. His picky birdies and chubby fishes cheerfully hang in the boutique as a reminder that both art and life deserve not to be taken too seriously.

Boutique Art Tendance
Boutique Art Tendance
Boutique Art Tendance
Boutique Art Tendance
Boutique Art Tendance
Boutique Art Tendance
Boutique Art Tendance

And then there's Hélène, who's been at François' side since the beginning, and with whom the whole Art Tendance adventure started. She's the beautiful soul behind the eclectic boutique where François' treasures are featured. She's the one to thank for the elegance of the décor and the peacefulness that reigns between these walls. Hélène is happy to exchange tales and stories with the visitors and some insight into the skills and craftsmanship hidden in every item showcased in the boutique, knowing that they'll leave with unique memories to treasure.

Together, they strive to create beauty, inhabited with all their love for life.

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