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The story of the bees that insure the balance of the archipelago's agricultural production and honey!

On the heights of Havre-aux-Maisons, perched above the waves, there exists a gathering place for the archipelago's beekeeping production. The nectar from Miel de Mer's 150 bee colonies comes every township, nook and cranny of Magdalen Islands. An important link in the local economy, bees not only benefit Magdalen growers and apple producers, they also ensure the overall health of island flora.

Discover the particularities of the bees in an insular environment with Jules Arseneau.

Whether seeking a jar of golden hued honey or craving a glass of honey wine flavoured with wild chokeberry indigenous to the Islands, any excuse is good to visit Jules Arseneau and his tiny workers. We strongly recommend you take some time to unwind on the terrace, drink in hand.

Bound only by the surrounding seascape, Island pollinators enjoy access to a diversified flora that infuses local honey with a unique flavour. The proven, positive impact of pollination on the harvest also contributes greatly to the hordes of happy growers.

Miel en mer
Miel en mer
Miel en mer
Gourmande de Nature
Miel en Mer
Miel en Mer
Miel en Mer

As the only sugar naturally sourced from the Islands, honey is used in several products and insular recipes. Most notably, cheese maker La Fromagerie du Pied-de-Vent flavours its gorgeous cheesecake with the local delicacy, also key in the making of Petit Malin, a delicious cottage cheese produced by Les Biquettes à l'air.

At Verger Poméloi, bees play a dual role. On the one hand, they are essential to flower pollination; on the other, they produce the honey that flavours the apple orchard's Chouchen, a golden hard cider inspired by Breton traditions. During the cider-making process, honey is introduced right before fermentation to both soften the sweetness and impart finesse to the resulting liqueur.

Come demystify the fascinating lives of bees and the secrets of honey production, then "wax poetic" during candle-making workshops for all. A family stop you won't want to miss.

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