Auberge la Salicorne

Nature hikes. Guided visits to discover the geological riches of the east. Choice of: hiking in the East Point National Wildlife Reserve, the geology of Boudreau Island, folk tales and much more. Ask about our program. Also available with a package stay.

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377, route 199
Grande-Entrée, G4T 7A5
(Quebec, Canada)

Phone : 418 985-2833 #1 Phone : 418 985-2833 #1 Phone : 418 985-2949 Phone : 418 985-2949 Toll Free : 1 888 537-4537 Toll Free : 1 888 537-4537 Fax : 418 985-2226

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    Nature hikes

    The Bluff:4 km
    The history of Grande-Entrée and the stories of the different shipwrecks will accompany you on this hike to a lost beach at the foot of the cliffs.

    L'Échourie:2 km
    A path that leads to stunted forest to the sea, discover the flora of the Pointe-de-East. Be amazed by the vastness of the dunes and the beach.

    Clam digging:
    When the tides are low, you go with the guide and start to dig in the sand, where there are holes, to find the small shellfish known as clams. Once the digging is done, you and the guide bring the clams to the Inn to cook and taste them.

    Ornithology: Points d'observation
    Discover the winged wildlife of the Islands in their natural habitats.
    There are different places to stop and see the stationary flight of the Kingfisher, the heron in its nest, the swallows in the cliffs... depending on the season.

    To cross the dunes:2 km
    The East Point trail that allows you to discover the Islands forest, small but precious to the Madelinots.
    The naturalist guide will reveal the secrets of the stunted forest, the marshes, the dunes and the peat bog. For the curious ones, it is possible to taste some of the different herbs that the forest has to offer.

    Boudreau Island: 2 km
    A nature walk where you can observe the enchanting landscape.
    The rich geology of the Island is the best way to learn more about it and learn about the formation of our beautiful Islands. Boudreau Island, one of the most beautiful corners of the Magdalen Islands.

    Detailed rate
    Adults: 15$ kids (- de 11 years old): 8$
    The Bluff: Sunday 9:30 am
    L.Échourie: Tuesday, 9:30 am
    The clam digging: Wednesday or Thursday hours vary depending on the tides
    Ornithology: Thursday 9:30 am
    To cross the dunes: Friday 9:30 am
    Boudreau Island: Saturday 9:30 am
    From July to August depending on the weather

General information

Managers Elisa Lapierre Cyr
Island Grande-Entrée Island
Nearest Beach Bassin Est Beach
Distance from the beach 0.5 km
We speak Français, English

Partner establishments

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    Centre d'interprétation du phoque

    A visit to the incredible world of the seals! Discover these fascinating mammals through our interactive exhibit, talk with our guides and watch our breathtaking film: "Ice Story" . A guided tour will lead you into fascinating realms of the history, science and ecology related to the seals and their life cycle. In addition, you may obtain, on site, seal by-products.

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    La Mer sur un plateau

    The programmation "La mer sur un plateau'' still continues this year to enhance the maritime lifestyle through a variety of activities taking place at Seal interpretation Centre, in La Salicorne and at the wharf of Grande-Entrée. An amazing summer is waiting for you in the east on the island, come and visit us!

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    Mise à l'eau des cages

    Launching of the boats. Share a different way of life! At dawn on the first day of the season, 325 lobster fishermen all head out to sea at the same time. Come to Grande-Entrée, and participate in the following activities: the gathering of the fishermen, the fishermen's mass, fireworks, and the launching of the boats. On the following Monday, treat yourself to the Islands lobster! Package stays available at la Salicorne Inn. During the fishing season, visit the ports of the Islands in the morning to welcome the lobster fishermen!

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    Boutique de La Pointe

    The Ocean at its best, located on the wharf of Grande-Entrée, within the heart of the fishing port. Seal fur products designed by Odette Leblanc, tidal clocks, original clothing, quality souvenirs, maritime cosmetics. Upstairs, come and see « Couleur pêcheur », an exhibit of photographs by Raoul Jomphe, artist. Schedule: From June to September, every day from 10am.