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France Painchaud draws her inspiration from the rich abundance of the marine environment. Her signature collection, fashioned in precious metals, includes original creations as well as seaside designs inspired exclusively by sea shells found on the beach. Exclusive art jewelry. Look for the "seaside" gold and silver collection. Member of the Visual Arts and Handicrafts Circuit 

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319, road du Quai
Cap-aux-Meules, G4T 1J4
(Quebec, Canada)

Phone : 418 986-2200 Phone : 418 986-2200

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    Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec

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Managers France Painchaud
Island Cap aux Meules Island
We speak Français, English
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  • Accessible to persons with a physical impairment
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    La Grave - Site historique

    This unique heritage site, listed in 1983 by the ministère de la Culture et des Communications, with its traditional character and architecture, is a fascinating testimonial to the past. Extending over and around its pebble beach, La Grave was the site of the Islands' first settlement as well as the beginning of the archipelago's fishery. You will find a variety of activities here, all accessible on foot! Restaurants, cafés, shops, museums, marina, theatre, and different events. During summer, the Municipalité des Îles offers free cultural activities for the whole family. See the details below, the calendar of events on the muniles.ca site or the La Grave - site historique Facebook page.

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    Musée de la Mer

    The exhibition of the Musée de la Mer is entitled “Vivre aux Îles - Vivre les Îles”. It guides you through the history of the archipelago. It is a fascinating journey through time and all aspects of the culture of a population that bears the imprints of the sea and of island living. Scale models, artefacts, documents and photographs highlight this history and illustrate aspects of daily life, housing, fishing, navigation, shipbuilding, religion, education, commerce, festivities and various other activities. Throughout the year, the Museum offers a variety of temporary exhibits that explore subjects related to history and ethnology or to the visual arts and crafts.

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    La Méduse - Verre Soufflé

    La Méduse is an artisanal blown glass company based in the Magdalen Islands since 1985. In the century-old building where they have their workshop, Catherine and Sophie work with a view of the sea. Over time, they have developed several original collections inspired by their maritime environment. Among others, they have a whole collection of memorial glass art available online. They therefore created blown glass urns as well as a whole series of personalized glass jewels, which incorporate cremation ashes inside (pendants, rings, earrings, marbles, etc.). A great way to give an eternal touch to your deceased loved ones. They also have a variety of pieces of blown glass for everyday enjoyment: Unique pieces, Chandeliers, Kitchen objects, Decorations, etc. La Méduse includes a shop and a blown glass workshop. Catherine and Sophie create their glass works there. Observe the glassblowers at work and discover the different techniques used as well as the reality of workshop work. Also, take advantage of your visit to offer yourself a unique souvenir, handmade in the Magdalen Islands. Or a course in blown glass! At the boutique, you will find glass jewelry and unique, decorative or sculptural pieces. An excellent opportunity to bring back a souvenir from the Islands! Welcome to all! Shop online at https://en.lameduseim.com/ FREE delivery in Canada.

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    Espace Solo

    The Espace Solo Art Gallery aims to promote and highlight the work of local visual arts artists. Located on the top floor of the Boutique Émerance, the gallery showcases the artworks of creators dedicated to various artistic means of expression. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where the wealth of the arts invites you to surprise your senses.


Dates and opening hours

  • Open year round

    Sunday to tuesday :
    Wednesday to saturday :
    10:00 to 17:00
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