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Boudreau Island

Îles de la Madeleine, Bouleau Island, Red Cliffs

The oh-so-pretty Boudreau Island. In fact, it is a peninsula: a semi-detached piece of land in Grande-Entrée and a little hidden paradise. It is one of the nicest hikes, as we come across every natural element of Les Îles: first the sandy beach, then the pebble beach. Crossing the dunes, exploring the headlands, hiking up the woodlot and enjoying amazing viewpoints on the cliffs. This peninsula always delivers, no matter the weather.


L'île du beau, salut Boudreau #fousdesiles #ressac #ilesdelamadeleine

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On windy days, the sea rises and gets wild. Here, natural showers are a courtesy of the prettiest and biggest backlashes (i.e. the giant waves crashing against the cliffs). We can hear the pebbles being tossed around in the sea—a sweet natural melody. The grasslands are perfect for soaking up the sun (and the wind!), especially when tangled up with loved ones. Side note: chances are the sand will come right at you when passing by the beach, but it is all worth it—no worries!


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 On rainy days, it is simply impossible to walk without crushing a few snails along the way. They are everywhere, but I swear they are super friendly. The woodlot smells good, as the conifers put on their perfume. The mist brings Irish vibes and offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Bad weather means Boudreau will offer a private show (that is if you forget about the many Inukshuks standing tall on the hill), which is pretty priceless.


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On sunny days, it is the ideal spot for a picnic. All you need is a tablecloth and a lunch (or the cold leftover of breakfast potatoes!). Pick up your trash, and everything will be just fine. Boudreau is bursting with colours under the sun: full of yellow, red, blue and green. Even our faces turn red—either because of all the feels, or the sunburns. Consider yourself warned! Boudreau also houses small treasures: raspberries, rosehips, junipers, dune pepper, sea parsley and pebbles of all shapes. It is a perfect fit for the little and “wannabe” adventurers.


Jumelles cosmiques. #fousdesiles #leportique

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On Boudreau Island, time ceases to exist. We never know how long our visit will last. An hour seems like a minute, and a minute seems like an hour. I only ask you this one thing: stay in the designated trails. The peninsula is vulnerable. It loses bits of itself every year, and I would like to be able to visit for a few more summers.


Par Alissa Brunetti

Alissa stumbled upon the Îles de la Madeleine by accident, and never really got over it. She has salt in her hair and wind in her heart, and she is proud to say that these little buoys in the middle of the Gulf are her new home.

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