Boudreau Island

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Boudreau Island

L'Île Boudreau, with a surface area of about 23 hectares, is located on the southern part of Grande Entrée Island. In fact, it is a peninsula rather than an island, since it can be reached anytime along Chemin du Bassin Ouest and the Plage de la Bluff (2 km). It can also be accessed at low tide along the Bassin Est Beach (3 km).

The Magdalen Islands Conservation Society (SCÎM) acquired the property in 2004 to protect it from any development that might be potentially incompatible with its conservation. The SCÎM is grateful to you for respecting the Madelinot heritage and following these simple rules:

Permitted Activities:

  • Pedestrian access only;
  • Occasional non-commercial berry picking, by hand.

Forbidden Activities:

  • Motor vehicles;
  • Camping, camp trailers and campfires;
  • Littering, dropping garbage of any kind;
  • Intensive berry picking.

Departure/arrival: Chemin du Bassin Ouest (before the wharf)
Total distance: 2 km
Number of trails: 1
Type of trail: Linear
Level: Intermediate
Free access

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