Flow Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that helps developing the body, mind and soul in a harmonious way by creating a series of flowing movements, breathing techniques and mediation. Benefits:  Improves posture, flexibility, muscle tone, circulaton, detoxification, relaxation and compassion. Prenatal Yoga: The emphasis is on good posture, efficient breathing, a capacity for introspection and positive emotionality. Yoga helps relieve fatigue, shortness of breath and physical discomfort such as sciatica. Prerequisites:  12 weeks of pregnancy. Postal Yoga: The emphasis is on exercises to strengthen the abdominals, the spine can suffer due to the breastfeeding. Prices: 1 h30:  $ 12 at the time 1 h 30 session package $ 10   Masso-Kinésithérapie: Focuses on the pain caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, sports injuries and speed up recovery after surgery. Prenatal and Postnatal Massage: Focuses on physical pain and fatigue caused by the progression of pregnancy and thereafter breastfeeding and lack of sleep. Hot Stone Massage:  Brings deep warm comfort to chronic pain an d greater levels of stress. Rates: 1 hour: $ 70 - 1 hour 30 minutes: $ 85 Thai Massage: Yoga inspired. Combines actions of stretching and acupressure technique on the energy lines of the body. Without oil, on the ground with proper clothing to move and be stretched. Rates: 2 hours: $ 90 Noémie Bourque Member A.M.P.Q.



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