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One Sunset A Day

Sunset in the Îles de la Madeleine

When June arrives, the sky catches fire above the Magdalen Islands. Summer's back in town. The longer days are here and with them a daily spectacle that's impossible to miss.

The horizon. That's what makes our famous sunsets so magnificent. The sun always drifts to sleep over the stunning waters of the Saint Lawrence Gulf. And bedtime is followed by dreams of vibrant colours, from red to pink, with detours in orange, yellow and purple.

My favourite sunsets take place in a cloud-speckled sky, but nothing beats a forecast of high winds. And the show is even better when shared with another pair of twinkling eyes.

Still, some locations better lend themselves to the contemplation of sunsets. Here are some of them:

The Borgot lighthouse - L'Étang-du-Nord

This is the tried-and-true classic spot to get cozy at the back of the van, wrapped up in a sleeping bag. Grab an ice cream cone on your way there and watch the dark silhouette of the Borgot Lighthouse stand out against an abstract painting of light.


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Pointe-aux-Loups beach

On this long stretch of sand, there's often not a soul in sight. Nothing to do but to settle in the angle between two dunes and to watch the sun slowly dive into the sea, and to linger until the Milky Way shows up. Don't forget the blankets and snacks.



Historic Site of La Grave - Havre-Aubert

The sunsets enjoyed at La Grave are often unexpected. From one little shop to the other, the word gets around, there's excitement in the air - on the seaward side of road, the sun is showing off again. Everyone gathers for this stolen moment of beauty.



Mounette's Hill - Havre-aux-Maisons

With the P'tite Baie along the horizon, the view can't get much better. From the top of the hill, not only will you catch the sunset, but you'll see it reflected on the gorgeous island of Havre-aux-Maisons. Bertrand Déraspe will tell you all about it: Butte à Mounette - coucher de soleil.



While wandering the Islands, we've all found many more precious hideaways from which to watch the sun set for the night. You'll have to forgive me if I still keep some of mine secret, jealously guarded.

One last advice: don't forget to look away once in a while, the eastern skies can put up quite a show as well, and in no time. And beware of the mosquitoes... they do bite.

Par Alissa Brunetti

Alissa stumbled upon the Îles de la Madeleine by accident, and never really got over it. She has salt in her hair and wind in her heart, and she is proud to say that these little buoys in the middle of the Gulf are her new home.

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