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A Dog's Life

Îles de la Madeleine, chien

We believe there are very few places as dog-friendly as Les Îles. Do you remember when you last brought your pet friend at the beach, how happy he was to run and roll around in the sand? In Les Îles, this happens EVERY day. And we are not talking about overcrowded beaches! No matter the season, the endless kilometres of empty beaches are a blessing for the dog owners that we are.



Indeed, a few months into our island life, we made one of Guillaume's longstanding dreams come true—that is owning a dog. A random post on social media about free puppies in Grande-Entrée caught our attention. A litter of six somewhat unknown mixed breeds were looking for a lifelong family. Back then, we fell for the little chubby one, probably because Guillaume bonded with him—what can we say, food lovers recognize each other!

And that is how Monsieur Bagel came into our lives—a decision we have absolutely no regret about! As we said, the Islands are a perfect playground for dogs. Here, everybody has their own furry partner, or so it seems. When we take Monsieur Bagel out for a walk, he is almost guaranteed to make a new friend. Luckily, he loves to play and is super curious about other dogs. When we think about Tartine, Leica, Charlie, Gazou, Kira, Minuit, Gaia ... it is pretty obvious that making friends is not an issue!


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On top of giving us tons of love, Monsieur Bagel allows us (or should I say forces us) to discover and explore Les Îles, rain or shine, summer or winter. No matter the weather, we step outside and run in the field! From L'Île Boudreau to the Sandy Hook including a bunch of adventures in Pointe-aux-Loups and in the Parc des Bucks, very few places remain unexplored by this little black furry face.


Îles de la Madeleine, chien


Obviously, owning a dog comes with responsibilities. For example, dogs can only be off-leash on a few beaches. During high season, visitors should stick to those beaches when bringing their pet friend along to avoid all kinds of trouble. And needless to say, cleaning up after your dog and taking your trash with you is a must!


Îles de la Madeleine, chien


For us to become genuine dog owners, all there is left to do is getting a pickup truck. The highlights of most of our days are all about dogs with a giant smile on their faces who roam around the Islands in the back of their owners' pickup truck. Indeed, I believe Monsieur Bagel would agree with the local saying that goes like this: “As happy as a dog in the back of a pickup truck!”

To follow the adventures of Monsieur Bagel, follow #monsieurbagel on Instagram!

Par Guillaume Pitre & Stéphanie Lepage

Born on the “mainland” and residents of the Îles de la Madeleine since a little over a year, the two of us are passionate about adventures, discoveries and gastronomy. It didn't take long for us to become two island lovers who are completely #fousdesiles!

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