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The countdown is started : Seals on their way to the Magdalen Islands!

The countdown is officially started with 2 days left before the 2014 seal watching season. More than one hundred guests will travel from around the world to come to this annual meeting with the whitecoats, unique world phenomenon. This year, the weather conditions are just perfect and everything is in place to have one of the greatest season in the past 10 years. The seal herd had already been located at about 46 miles on the North shore of L'Étang-du-Nord.

A first in the history of the Château Madelinot, the hotel will welcome their first chinese guests! "It's very fascinating to see on the flight ticket of a guest: Beijing- Magdalen Islands", to say Ariane Bérubé, Sales Manager at Hôtels Accents. "We are proud to contribute to the promotion of the destination as far as in China", to add Mrs Bérubé. Faithful since 1986, the japanese guests will again take part of the seal watching expeditions. Will also join this unique winter experience, guests from France, Germany, Holland, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, United States and Canada.
"Launch in January with the Ice Hotel of Québec, the package «Winter Adventure» receive a very positive welcome which let us confident for the years to come", to say Gino Thorne, Director at Hôtels Accents. We are proud to take part of the «Quebec Original» campaign and to contribute at the development of the Quebec destination. "This unique adventure also brings an important spotlight on our destination, Magdalen Islands and all the Québec Maritime region", to add Mr Thorne. New this year, people will be able to follow the 2014 seal watching season on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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