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During winter, snow and ice transform the Iles-de-la-Madeleine into a beautiful lunar landscape. Then, the end of February signals the annual return of those true nomads of frozen seas. Hundreds of thousands of harp seals come give birth to their pups on the ice floes around the Islands. For 2 or 3 weeks, we can observe the adult seals and their pups in their natural habitat; a spectacular site of snow and ice animated by the presence of this immense herd on a territory that extends as far as the eyes can see. The hotel Château Madelinot offers different packages which include one helicopter tour to the seals. This allows the tourists, nature lovers, to go on the ice floes and experience a close contact with the baby seals. Sure of their success, the harp seal pups will take a pose and let themselves be photographed in the perfect media creatures they have become these last few years.

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323, route 199
Fatima, G4T 1E4
(Quebec, Canada)

Phone : 418 986-3695Phone : 418 986-3695Toll Free : 1 855 986-2211Toll Free : 1 855 986-2211Fax : 418 986-6437

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Meeting rooms

  • Auditorium


    Theater : 120 personnes
    Meeting : 120 personnes

    Length : 0 ft (0m)
    Width : 0 ft (0m)
    Height : 0 ft (0m)

  • Salle Échouerie

    Salle Échouerie

    School : 45 personnes
    Theater : 60 personnes
    Meeting : 60 personnes
    U : 30 personnes
    Banquet : 50 personnes
    Cocktail : 50 personnes

    Length : 24 ft (7.32m)
    Width : 50 ft (15.24m)
    Height : 8 ft (2.44m)

  • Salle Paul Bourque

    Salle Paul Bourque

    School : 60 personnes
    Theater : 120 personnes
    Meeting : 120 personnes
    U : 45 personnes
    Banquet : 150 personnes
    Cocktail : 150 personnes

    Length : 34 ft (10.36m)
    Width : 50 ft (15.24m)
    Height : 10 ft (3.05m)

  • Salle Plaisance

    Salle Plaisance

    School : 20 personnes
    Theater : 30 personnes
    Meeting : 30 personnes
    U : 18 personnes
    Banquet : 30 personnes
    Cocktail : 30 personnes

    Length : 15 ft (4.57m)
    Width : 25 ft (7.62m)
    Height : 8 ft (2.44m)

General information

Island Cap aux Meules Island
Nearest Beach De L'Hôpital Beach
Distance from the beach 3 km
We speak Français, English
Additional Information
  • Wireless Internet
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Partner establishments

  • Auberge Madeli
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    Auberge Madeli

    Located in the heart of Cap-aux-Meules village, on main street close to many services and bicycle path.

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    Centre équestre La Crinière au Vent

    Riding, Riding, Riding, for everyone! Indoor arena. Certified Équi-Qualité 2016-2017. http://equi-qualite.qc.ca/ This certification will guarantee. Safety certified trainer. Programs offered certified trainer Bby the « Fédération Équestre du Québec »:Isabelle Aubry.   Activity 1 « Trail rides on the beach!  » Unique to the Islands! Your dream come true! Ride on one of the world's most beautiful beach, in the bay and more. Trail rides with good quality horses and certified guides. Activity 2 « Horse Games » Riding circuit, friendly competition ans challenges for the entire family and friends. Duration : 1h15. Age : 4 years and over. Activity 3 « Day Camps » An unforgettable day for kids and teenagers. Duration: 8h30 to 15h30. Age : 6 years to 15 years. Activity 4 « Initiation. For a safe and memorable first experience. Duration : 1h15. Age : 4 years and over It is advisable to book in advance to the activities. The number of places is limited In case of rain , some activities will take place at indoor.   Join us on Facebook !    

  • Tante Emma
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    Tante Emma

    Les Belles veillées chez Tante Emma d'la Pointe-aux-Loups (Evenings at home with Tante Emma - featuring Odette Leblanc as Tante Emma). A soirée packed with humour and song. Spend a few hours at Tante Emma's place and get to know the most lovable character on the Iles de la Madeleine. With whimsical songs and hilarious stories, Tante Emma's warmth and exuberance sweep us along on a wave of emotions. Get a glimpse into the ordinary life of this incomparable personage who guides us over her beloved Islands and shares her affection for those who are part of her life. What a great evening!

  • Club Voyages Les Îles
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    Club Voyages Les Îles

    Travel Agency. Reservations for flights, auto and train (all companies), chartered flights, accommodations services.

  • Nicolas Landry, conteur
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    Nicolas Landry, conteur

    A poet of the sea, the wind and the far horizon, this young Madelinot storyteller spreads his nets in the memories of his ancestors, speaking in homage to their wisdom and their heritage. In the accents of his younger days, he takes us on a tour of a society poised precariously between the traditional and modern worlds. He illustrates the importance of traditions and the uniqueness of his people. His stories, profound, subtle and sensitively rendered, bring to life the legends of Island life... a magical visit to his own personal corner of paradise.

  • Parc de Gros-Cap
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    Parc de Gros-Cap

    Welcome in the marvellous world of the Magdalen Islands's Youth Hostel. Here you are on the Gros-Cap peninsula, a big carved red rock in the blue St-Laurence Gulf. The sea is all over the place! The sea birds dance on the wind flow and the waves play music on sand or in the deep caves... Ambiance is unique. The Hostel is open to everybody, young and older, member or not of Hostelling International. If you take a member card (good for 2 years) you will get a discount in all affiliated hostel in the world and on some other goods and services. The hostel, witche is a free-smoke building, has 9 bedrooms ( 3 privates and 6 shared). It can hold 30 peoples. On the base level you will find a kitchen, dinning and living room, and 3 bathrooms and there is a toilet on the first floor. The laundry is in the next building. We have Internet wire-less (Wi-Fi) and we also have 2 computers. It's the perfect place to meet people and share about islands discovery... The hostel team will organize some magdalen' s dinners that could be shared with a local person in love with the archipelago. You can also discover the peninsula'secrets through a sea kayak tour with our experienced guides. Feel the sea, the vibes and sounds comming out the caves and enjoy the beauty of the red carved cliffs. Welcome!


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