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Sleep in an Ice Hotel Observe Harp Seals in the Magdalen Islands : A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Québec has a added a brand new world class winter tourist attraction for 2014. Now tourists from Québec and around the world can combine a stay at the Hôtel de Glace with an excursion to the Magdalen Islands to observe harp seals on the ice pack, two exclusive activities only possible here in North America.

"By combining these two outstanding experiences, only offered in Québec, we hope to attract tourists world-wide. This agreement is certainly very promising," reports Hôtel de Glace CEO Jacques Desbois.

"The tourist industry is driven by dreams, and originality plays a big part in the choice of a destination. This new package offers two incomparable products that are sure to capture the imagination! The incredible beauty of winter in Québec leaves a lasting impression on everyone who has the chance to experience it. This is exactly the kind of unique package that the Québec Original campaign is all about!" explains Gino Thorne, general manager of Hôtels Accents

The Hôtel de Glace joins forces with the Château Madelinot in the Magdalen Islands to offer this package, which includes one night at the Hôtel de Glace, one night at the Château Laurier, the flight with Pascan Aviation, the stay at the Château Madelinot and the seal pup observation excursion on the ice pack. For the winter of 2014, three exclusive departures are planned on February 24, March 3 and March 10.

To learn more about these packages, call Monique Bourque at Club Voyages les Iles at 418-986-4224.

About the Hôtel de Glace

With its scintillating chandelier, its ever-popular Super Slide, its Ice Bar serving cocktails in sparkling glasses made of ice and 44 theme rooms and suites, the Hôtel de Glace is a one of a kind experience in a spellbinding decor. The Hôtel de Glace, where frozen natural beauty meets hot urban style ─ a must since 2001.

About the Château Madelinot

The Château Madelinot has offered this extraordinary activity since 1986, and its qualified, professional team are dedicated to making it the experience of a lifetime! Proudly contributing to tourist development in the Magdalene Islands, Hôtels Accents aims to enhance their customers' experience with every stay in the islands.
To learn more about baby seal observation packages and Hôtels Accents:

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For Hotel de Glace :
Alicia Rochevrier
Communications Officer

Tel.: (418) 623-2888, ext. 101

For Hôtels Accents :
Ariane Bérubé
Sales Manager

Tel.: (418) 986-2211

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