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Location from Sunday to Sunday.

Facing west and overlooking the sea, Les Oyats house gives direct access to miles of beach. Newly built and fully equipped, it is perfect for relaxing with family or friends. Its seaside style as well as its large openings give the impression of living in the immensity of the natural outside decor. The view is breathtaking. The sunsets will brighten up your happy hour.

You can enjoy plenty activities directly from the backyard such as:

-Long quiet walks on 12 km of sand
-Water sports in front of the house (Kayak, paddle board, kitesurf, windsurf)
-Sandstone cliffs at 150 m


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2127, road de l'Étang des Caps
Bassin, G4T 0K5
(Quebec, Canada)

Phone : 514 978-0776 Phone : 514 978-0776

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1 Residence

  • Les Oyats

    Les Oyats

    Maximum number of person : 8
    Number of bedroom (First floor) : 1
    Number of bedroom (Second floor) : 2

    Size of accommodation

    Length : 
    9.14m / 30 feet
    Width : 
    10.36m / 34 feet
    Height : 
    2.44m / 8 feet

    List of the bed

    • 3 x 54" Bed
    • 1 x 60" Bed

    List of the equipment

    • Shared bathroom
    • Television
    • Microwave

    Pricing for the season 2023

    Price per day for 8 persons
    • 350$ per day low Season
    • 550$ per day mid Season
    • 700$ per day high Season
    Price per week for 8 persons
    • 2495$ per week low Season
    • 3795$ per week mid Season
    • 4895$ per week high Season

    Pricing for the season 2024

    Price per day for 8 persons
    • 350$ per day low Season
    • 550$ per day mid Season
    • 750$ per day high Season
    Price per week for 8 persons
    • 2595$ per week low Season
    • 3895$ per week mid Season
    • 5295$ per week high Season

General information

Island Havre Aubert Island
Nearest Beach De l'Ouest (west) Beach
Distance from the beach 0 km
We speak Français, English
Max. welcoming capacity 8 persons
Equipment inside the accommodation
  • Bathroom with bath and shower
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Cable internet
  • Dinning room
  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer
  • ECommunity kitchen and living room
  • Kitchen
  • Microwave
  • TV
  • Washer
Installations outside of the accommodation
  • BBQ
  • Chairs
  • Patio
  • Table
Additional Information
  • Access to the beach
  • Bedding (Free)
  • Non-Smoking
  • Towels (Free)
  • Wireless Internet
Establishment No 308043
Type of accommodation Modern House, 2 floors
Check-in time of the accommodation 16h00
Check-out time of the accommodation 08h30
Residence of owner during the rental In another residence
Payment methods accepted

Partner establishments

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    Maison Vent et Dunes

    Reservation from Monday to Monday

    The "Vent et Dunes" house is typical for Magdalen's island. Located directly at the beginning of one of the most beautiful beaches of the islands, this is a dream location.

    It is possible to practice a multitude of activities from the large field such as:
    -long peaceful walk on the 12 km of sand
    -enjoying the daily sunset
    -practicing all kind of water sports (kayak, paddle board, kitesurfing, windsurfing...)
    - Red Sandstone cliffs at 150m
    You will be delighted by the peaceful surroundings and the variety of activities available in the very near radius.

    The house offers enough space to feel comfortable and quickly at home, it is ideal for families especially as it is fully equipped

    Enjoy your stay,

    * Notes:
    - The majority of the images were taken directly from the house.

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    Escale du Vent


    Note: Prices vary more than what is indicated on this site. Please contact us for more information. Siting in between the sea and the mountain, "Escale du vent" is ideally located, close to the main attractions and natural sites of the Îles-de -Madeleine. Completely renovated in the winter of 2023, in a spirit of conservation of the architectural heritage of the archipelago, "l'Escale du vent" offers a comfortable living space for eight people in a modern setting. In the heart of Havre-Aubert Island, one of the liveliest and most cultural in the Archipelago, the location of the house gives access to a wide variety of activities, for all tastes: hiking on the "Vents et Marées" trail, swimming and walking on the long beaches nearby, sunsets, sandcastle competitions, museum and shops on the historic site of La Grave. At the “Escale du vent”, you quickly feel at home, with family or friends, in a larger than life setting.


Reservation request

Reservation request

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Dates and opening hours

  • Open year round

    On reservation

  • Open year round

    On reservation

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