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There is a remarkably large number of creative artists in the Îles de la Madeleine. It is widely accepted that this is so. Visual arts and crafts are alive and well, producing a rich diversity of interesting and unusual items.

It is generally agreed that the artistic community in the archipelago is growing and that they produce exceptionally creative work, but there is still some difference of opinion on the reasons why this should be so. Why are there so many of them ?... If you ask the artists themselves, you will get a variety of answers. Some might say, among other things, that they are inspired by their surroundings. The sea's moods and scents are ever-present. Others will speak of the extraordinary light that tints the landscape and transforms the scene from day to day. This appears to inspire the creative imagination. For those artists who were born here, there is the contributing factor of a privileged childhood in a land without barriers where everyone knows you, a lifestyle that fosters vigorous, unfettered self-expression. Add the fact of living on an island. A tiny island surrounded by an infinite expanse of water... and a far horizon to give birth to dreams of what might lie beyond!.


In their workshops and boutiques, the Magdalens' artists and craftspeople offer paintings, watercolours, photographs, sculptures and original creations fashioned from materials found on the Islands: wood, glass, metal, textiles, clay, stone (alabaster, jasper, etc.), sand, sea shells, leather and sealskin.

Give in to temptation! Revel in the glorious diversity to be found in the galleries, boutiques and workshops. You'll be surprised and delighted with what you find.

Go ahead, open their doors! Many artists will be happy to let you watch them work!

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