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Arrivée aux Îles de la Madeleine

I escaped the chaos of the city early in the summer of 2020. I knew a few Madelinots back from university,but apart from that, I knew nothing of the place I was heading to. I didn't even leaf through the must-sees and must-dos. I was ready to embrace the Maggies as they were.

The only thing I knew was that the sea was all around, and the idea of being on an island felt like going back to the source. Three days after deciding to journey to the end of the world, I was sitting in my car, yet unaware I was on my way to what would become my new home.

I spent the summer playing outside in this great backyard of an island, and I fell in love with the archipelago. The easy-going and warm nature of the Islanders, the spectacular landscapes, the tuning of one's life to the whims of the wind - it all felt likea balm on my young twenty-something uncertainties. With the summer in full swing, I realized just how enamoured I had become with the place. I was not ready to leave. This was a place where I could cast an anchor.

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Où est Whisky? ???? #fousdesiles

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The stars were all aligned for me. There's a tendency for synchronicity around here that's quite mysterious - something in the ocean air, maybe? - it adds to the magic of the place. And now the universe was telling me tomoor my life to these isles by finding me a job where, to top it all off, I could contribute to the promotion of the Magdalen Islands.

Since I had left with only 2-3 bags, my yoga mat, my guitar and a pile of books, I went back to the mainland for a few days to pick up my things and my dog, and to say my goodbyes (without any hugs due to this lovely pandemic we're having). I put afew things in order, sold my furniture and donated so much of what I owned. I kept what seemed necessary, and there it was, my whole life packed in my car. A bit scary, but also oh so liberating. Knowing I was starting anew, and doing so with the most beautiful postcard as a backdrop: the Magdalen Islands.

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Can't escape the pup-arazzi ???? #fousdesiles

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 My instincts guided me well, and I'm so excited and so blessed to continue my little life journey while discovering everything the province's best-kept treasure has to offer. I can't wait to share my seaside thoughts with you on this blog. Oh, the Islands! Everything here seems to rhyme with the ocean, like it could all be blown away in an instant.

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chu ben ça parait tu #fousdesiles

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