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Oh, What's in a Name!

Bateau de pêche aux Îles de la Madleine

From my very first days on the Magdalen Islands, I've always been fascinated and amused by the names of the boats, whether they are mooredat the docks in the summer, or waiting the end of the cold season on dry land.

And what if the name of a boat could define its character for its journey at sea?

With that in mind, I picture the Renaude Xavier leaving the shore, leapfrogging from wave to wave. I hear the engine laughing as the swellmakes the barge dance. The sea becomes a playground - the buoys are now balls, the anchors are kites waving at her from the deep. The playful heart of the Renaude Xavier seems to welcome the seagulls' songs as an invitation to look up to the sky, to let in the light.

Not far away, the Lady Dorise graciously surfs the waves, offering her bow to the currents. She navigates with style on calm waters and stormy seas alike. Lady Dorise is fond of adventure. She lets lacy eddies ornate her hull and frothy swirls sprinkle from her sides. She contemplates her reflection in the serene waters of the twilight, and sheleaves behind a trail of sparkling watery grooves and fluttering hearts.  

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Lady Dorise est prête pour la mise à l'eau!

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As for the Bel Espoir, she is a real optimist. Come rain or come shine, she is confident that something good's waiting for her on these great blue fields. During sunny days, she lets her port-side delights in the warm rays. When the wind dictates the pace, she matches the rhythm with a dancing mood and softly sways to starboard. And if the skies are gray, she keeps a curious eye on the clouds and, when the rain joins the party, she listens for those thousand and one secrets falling from above. The Bel Espoir is filled with gratitude for the many gifts of the sea.

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Aujourd'hui mon coeur est un bateau....

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And what's to be said of that turquoise vessel on the horizon, skillfully surfing the high tides? The Vague du Sud basks in the light while floating on the gilded swell. The currents warm to her touch, and dolphins seem to appear in her wake. Her sight brings balmy scents of coconut and hibiscus to mind. The Vague du Sud calls for dreamy nights and blissful days.

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Être ici et ailleurs....️

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And if I were a boat, what name would I bear?

In my heart of hearts, I know that I would follow tradition. Because it was not so long ago that I carried two little wonders in my own hull, in my inner sea... because together, we've sailed through many a storm, experienced dazzling vertigos and discovered great treasures... because they both keep on sailing with me on everyday seas and keep on teaching me, their mother ship, what life is all about. If I were a boat, I'd proudly be called the Fay Raphaëlle. And I'd take to the sea, with my cargo of love, the happiest boat of them all!

Par Brigitte Le Blanc

Brigitte was born and spent her childhood in Gaspésie, at the far end of a valley. From the river to the sea, she followed her heart up to the Magdalen Islands, where she set up roots more than 20 years ago. Word lover and nature enthusiast, she finds daily inspiration in nature's real-life fresco of a thousand faces.

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