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A Twinkle in the Eye

Îles de la Madeleine, plage, buttes

The Magdalen Islands have been on my mind since I was a kid; one of my childhood friends was spending her vacations there every year. She was telling me about the many-hour drive, and then there was a ferry to get there. She also spoke about the colourful little houses. At this age, I couldn't understand why she was talking with a twinkle in her eye...

Fifteen years later, after having completed my studies, I was asking myself what to do next.

I wanted to leave, to explore. Having never travelled much, I now wanted to go everywhere. My brother had been going to the Magdalen Islands for a couple years already with his little family, and he was in love with the place. He told me about a beekeeper he knew of, and I got in touch with the man... that was it! Done deal, I was on my way!

The Islands, why not?

As the true Montrealer that I was - hence, without a driving licence - I rideshared my way to the beautiful Islands I had heard so much about.

And, at last, I got it.

Why is it that everyone falls in love with the Maggies? Well. The same words that sounded so cliché did start to ring true once I made it to this not-so-small archipelago... "It's not the same, on the Islands," "On the Islands, we don't know what time it is, we have time," and so many more...

I stayed for five months, from May to September, which means I got to enjoy a bit of the calm before and after the storm that is the summer.



After three months back in Montreal, I still missed the Islands' endless horizon just as much. A friend sent me a job offer she saw in the tourism industry, on the Islands. That's what I've studied. That was a dream job. My dream job. "Okay," I thought. "Let's do it, let's dive in."


What started as a temporary assignment turned into a full-time job. After almost two years on the Islands, it still feels just as good.

For me, the Islands are an incredible living environment. Walks on the beach are never more than five minutes away from any location. Living here means being awe-struck with every sunset. It's the constant breath of fresh air. It's amazing encounters. It's a generous community. Simply put, it's beautiful, inside and out.



It's good for the body, the mind and the soul. Yes, really.

One of my friends recently asked me why I went to work on the Maggies, so far away from Montreal. My answer? Come visit, you'll get it.

Par Léa Sanche Lefebvre

Lea first fell for the Islands during the summer of 2017. A few months later, she came upon her dream job and decided to swap Montreal's skyscrapers for the Magdalen Islands' horizon stretching as far as the eye can see. She now enjoys the everyday delights of her newfound life on the Maggies.

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