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My Beach Office: Being a Freelancer in Les Îles

Îles de la Madeleine, red cliffs, sea, sky

 When I came back in Les Îles three years ago, I had one specific goal in mind: I wanted to become the artist I always felt I was. And then a little misunderstanding happened. When the word spread about me coming back, many options, encounters, possible worlds, contracts and more fell on my laps...

After going back and forth with the idea for a year, I finally dropped my suitcase here—at home—with a bunch of new skills in my back pocket. As many people who came back did, I felt like my place wasn't ready yet: given that no public writer or “city poet” position was available, I had to build my own seat from scratch and claim it.


J'ai même un siège réservé.

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The Îles de la Madeleine are very open-minded. I don't know if I would have had the same opportunities elsewhere. I truly believe that when we do the work of expanding and knowing ourselves enough to know who we are, the Madelinots are enthusiastic and supportive. Thus, becoming an independent worker and creating my own business seemed doable.


#Saluerlamer est maintenant en ligne! Ça se passe sur !!

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In three years, I tried all sorts of things and was fortunate enough to have a network who trusted me. Of course, I have the privilege of being born in Les Îles. But I must admit that most people didn't know me back then. Their trust might be related to the fact that the Islands allowed me to build a cocoon where I feel comfortable and confident in my ability to present myself without having the feeling of “selling” myself. If it is true that life is a matter of connections and encounters, no doubt this is even more true when you live on an island. Indeed, I often tell people who wish to work in Les Îles to just do it: the Madelinots have proven to be friendly, and all you have to do is show you want to become one of them.

As an independent worker, living in Les Îles comes with its share of new choices. The travels are expensive, the population is smaller, and having a great visibility outside the community is harder ... but it also comes with a great deal of freedom and strong winds pushing us forward. I have rarely felt as much confidence or had easier ways to connect with others. I have rarely felt such openness to new experiences and unforeseen amalgams. The Madelinots are simple and authentic and above all they know who they are. And that is invaluable for someone whose purpose is to create connections.

That being said, I must confess I don't always bring my office to the beach, as the sand and my laptop don't get along so well. But I do love taking long strolls, thinking and creating at the beach. And when my work life becomes too giddy, I take deep breaths of salty air to go back to basics.


Un très beau cadeau offert par ma bonne amie Suzanne. Ça motive le réveil! ;o)

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Par Nathaël Molaison

I came back on the Islands three years ago, and each day, I (re)discover the little details, the subtleties and — most importantly — the inspiration that this place brings me. In each and every one of my projects, I write a little piece of what makes us different and unique beings.

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