La Côte Trail

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La Côte Trail

The place to start is at Site de La Côte (La Côte public park), where you'll find a café-resto, a theatre, boutiques and a charming fishing port.

This walking-cycling trail runs along the coast to the Borgot lighthouse, at Cap Hérissé. There, you can enjoy a picnic or simply settle down for an impressive sunset on the sea.

Cultural landscape Circuit - In French
Cultural journey through no less than 12 iconic landscapes chosen for their photogenic qualities as well as their heritage value. Interpretation modules and downloadable stories.
On this site, you can rely to the stories of Nicolas Landry: Clophas à Célestin à Isaac and Le hareng maître-poisson.

Departure: 499, Chemin Boisville Ouest, Site de La Côte (L'Étang-du-Nord)
Total distance: 2 km
Number of trails: 1
Type of trail: Linear
Difficulty level: Easy
Services: Parking, leashed pets accepted, panorama, rest stop, restrooms.
Free access 




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