Initiation in PRIVATE (3 hours) / Initiation in DUO (3 hours)

Initiation in PRIVATE (3 hours) / Initiation in DUO (3 hours) / PLEIN VENT les Îles

From June 1, to October 1, 2021

Get a good start Learn the basics and discover the sensations of kitesurfing by choosing a 3 hours initiation course in private or in duo. We start with a theoretical part that will allow you to organize your equipment, to compose with the movements of the wind while insisting on the techniques and safety notions. We then continue the course on the water with a series of exercises allowing you to control your kite and do some body drags. You will learn to feel and understand the use of the kite in order to generate more power and make controlled stops safely. At the end of this first lesson, depending on the instructor's evaluation of your learning and the weather conditions, you will be able to get on the board and make your first " tacks " HIHAAA!


171, road Martinet
Havre-Aubert, G4T 9H5
(Quebec, Canada)

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Special price

  • 3 hours training: 250$ + tx
  • (1 instructor / 1 kite / 1 student)
  • 3 hours training: 195$ / Person + tx
  • (1 instructor / 1 kite / 2 students)

Includes :

  • WHY do a DUO initiation?
  • You save on the cost while having the chance to deepen your knowledge by observing your teammate in his practice which adds to your learning.
  • Please note: Both students must be approximately the same size since we choose the kite accordingly. We will be able to guide you when you make your reservation.
  • All the necessary equipment for the training is included in the course. You will find quality kites and boards with the Duotone models of the year. You will also find comfort and safety in our brand new line of harnesses, wetsuits, neoprene boots and ION helmets. Headsets keep communication flowing between instructor and student, a must when you start riding!
  • Equipment included:
  • ✓ Duotone 2021 kite, bar and board
  • ✓ Wetsuit
  • ✓ Headset
  • ✓ Life Jacket
  • ✓ Neoprene boot
  • ✓ Harness
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Information request
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