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New branding for Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine

La nouvelle image de marque de Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine

Îles de la Madeleine, April 19th, 2023 - Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine unveils the destination's new brand image during a festive, early-evening gathering opened to the archipelago's residents, tourism businesses, and socioeconomic partners.

While many destinations update their brand image to reach new audiences or increase their visibility, this new branding aligns with an already-established, continued strategy of sustainable tourism. It confirms the vision and the mission of the association, outlined more than 20 years ago—a vision with sustainable development at its core, and a mission where touristic development is encouraged to happen in harmony with the environment and its residents, ensuring visitors an authentic experience of the highest quality.

Nouveau logo de Tourisme Îles de la MadeleineCreated by the Récréation agency following a rigorous consultation process within the industry, the new visual is built on the core values of the destination—human heritage, quality of life, the beauty of the scenery, and a distinctive touristic experience of exceptional quality, available year-round. This new identity reiterates the intent to better inform visitors on the fragility and sustainability of the destination, while also inviting them to step into the island lifestyle of a community living in harmony with the seasons and the sea.

This new image aims to offer a more cohesive story and better representation of the destination and the history of its development. Less estival, more serene, it moves away from the former visual elements and the bright colours with which they are associated. A new logo for Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine, designed with innovation and the digital age in mind.

Des formes graphiques représentant un coucher de soleil, un oiseau et des algues

The identity colour chosen as a guiding background is a living blue, in variations matching the seasons. It is supplemented with complementary colours in gradients of three shades each for a new colour palette in hues of sand, cliffs, hills and sea. The brand image also includes an original font, updated promotional tools, a fresh signature for the destination and improved visual elements. The tone and language provided are anchored in a greater narrative to support all communications, contents and visual stories created for the destination.


The larger idea at the heart of the new brand image comes down to this one promise: to fully inhabit and share the uniqueness of Les Îles de la Madeleine. We dedicate this new image brand to all Madelinots and Madeliniennes and invite them to embrace it. A standards guide will allow everyone to make use of this new brand image and bring it to life. This guide and a presentation video are available online at (currently in French only).

An important cycle begins for the regional tourism association with the continued implementation of the 2021-2026 sustainable tourism strategy, the development of an innovative digital marketing strategy and the unveiling of this new brand image. This cycle will be completed with a new website for the destination, expected to go live in 2024.

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Michel Bonato
Directeur général
Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine
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