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Québec tourism industry launches a movement of hope - The industry invites you to come to the window, for a moment

Quebec City, April 20, 2020 — Until we're able to take to Québec's open roads once more, the tourism industry is offering a different way of travelling, for a moment. With the #foramoment movement, Quebecers are invited to discover what's outside their window. The industry is launching a surge of hope, a little escape and a breath of positivity as it does its part during the pandemic, all the while urging
citizens to continue following government directives.

More than ever, here in Québec and across the globe, people are looking for an escape. In these extraordinary times, we've seen communities come together and messages of hope emerge as citizens rally to support each other and their local economies.

Bolstering Québec's solidarity and resilience

For the last few weeks, Quebecers have had to learn new ways of getting together while remaining physically distant. These moments are teaching us to value the little things that we've taken for granted, and to take the time to appreciate them.

With all of us now staying at home, our windows have become our primary viewpoints onto others and the outside world. While we wait to travel Québec's winding roads, get together with friends and visit the places we hold dear, the For a Moment initiative invites Quebecers to take a virtual journey across the province and share a view of past or present moment at their windows.

Capturing a moment

We're asking Quebecers to capture today with a picture taken at home of a magical moment or a tranquil view that they'd like to share on social media, using the hashtag #foramoment (#PourUnInstant). From windows across Québec, these images will be a way to travel while we stay at home, building human connections along the way. They will be a reminder that even as we stay at home, we can experience and share beautiful moments.

The For A Moment video showcases and promotes this initiative via our YouTube channel and social media pages.
We continue the tradition of highlighting the work of talented Québec musicians in our initiatives. The song chosen for the video offers an invitation into the present moment. In a cover of the classic Québec tune Pour un instant by iconic band Harmonium, duo Milk & Bone delivers melodic notes and a modern take.


"The For a Moment initiative aims to give Quebecers hope, letting them see Québec through a different lens. The movement will help us all remember how beautiful our province is, how vast, surprising, creative and abundant. For a moment, we are learning to get to know Québec again, to discover it virtually, until we can meet again."

Caroline Proulx, Minister of Tourism

"Our industry is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of Quebecers. That's why we want to encourage optimism and resilience with this movement. Usually we encourage people to go outside and explore what Québec has to offer. Today we're asking them to do things differently and explore the province from their homes."

Martin Soucy, CEO, Alliance de l'industrie touristique du Québec

About the Alliance de l'industrie touristique du Québec

The Alliance is committed to making Québec a world-class sustainable tourist destination. With a mandate from the Ministère du Tourisme to promote the destination outside Québec, the organization serves as a spokesperson for 10,000 tourism businesses which make up 40 different regional and sectoral partner associations. As it unites, organizes, and represents the industry, the Alliance helps ensure its success through support and collaboration in developing products and services and marketing Québec tourism. The Alliance also helps in promoting the destination in Canada and abroad as well as increasing economic spinoff in Québec.



Source and information:
Anne-Hélène Couturier, Corporate Communications Manager
Téléphone : 418 682-3787, poste 247
Cellulaire : 581 994-2663
Videos credits:
Direction and production — Alliance de l'industrie touristique du Québec
Strategy and concept — Cossette
Music - Pour un instant, version originale par Harmonium, reprise par Milk & Bone
Sound and music direction- Cult Nation
Post-production — Post Moderne
Editing — Hubert Hayaud

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