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Selected one of National Geographic' top 25 for its seal pup watching adventure

Harp seal observation best trip 2020 National Geographic

Cap-aux-Meules, December 10th,  2019- Fall was a very busy time for Hôtels Accents with two promotional missions in a row, to Japan and France, two priority markets for winter tourism development. While taking part in promotional events in France with Minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx, Hôtels Accents learned that the seal pup-watching package had been selected as one of National Geographic's Top 25 best trips for 2020.

The Focus Japan event organized by Destination Canada allowed us to meet over 70 tour operators and media representatives, not only to strengthen existing business relationships, but also to solicit new business opportunities. The business relationship between the Japanese market and the Château Madelinot has existed and grown for nearly 38 years, which is not only a success story, but also a source of pride at seeing this relationship endure through the years, according to Ariane Bérubé, sales director at Hôtels Accents. As for the promotional mission to France organized by the Alliance de l'industrie touristique du Québec and Minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx, it represented a big comeback to this market for Hôtels Accents, the first time since 2010. Back then, political and economic factors may have impacted the marketing of the winter package in the French market, but the current dynamic is very different. We saw definite interest in the seal pup-watching package. In addition, winter tourism in Quebec is experiencing a boom and our joint efforts with the Alliance de l'industrie touristique du Québec, Québec maritime and Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine will create highly favourable conditions for reviving our product, according to Ms. Bérubé.

Adding to the success of the two missions was the excitement of the National Geographic announcement. It came as a surprise to us at Hôtels Accents, as the selections are made by the National Geographic team and its publisher, and are not the result of an application process. For a nature-based experience such as our seal pup-watching adventure, receiving this type of recognition is tantamount to winning a medal at the Olympic Games because in this industry, National Geographic has an excellent reputation and outstanding credibility, added Bérubé. TheChâteau Madelinot is proud to have contributed, along with the efforts of several partners, including professional diver Mario Cyr, to the development and implementation of this wildlife-watching adventure for more than 38 years.

With Auberge Madeli "Has it All," Château Madelinot "Seafront" and Resto Bistro Accents, Hôtels Accents is proud to contribute to the development and visibility of the Magdalen Islands in Quebec and around the world. The next seal pup-watching season will run from February 22 to March 10, 2020.


National Geographic announcement:


Ariane Bérubé
Director of Sales, Marketing and Communications
| 1-418-86-2211

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