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A new organization comes to life on Grosse-Île the Entreprise Sociale les Îles and its visual identity, Southside Experiences

Southside experiences

Grosse-Île, July 4th, 2019 -
CAMI (Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders) is proud to announce the creation of a new organization: the Entreprise Sociale les Îles along with its visual identity, Southside Experiences.

Headed by the team from CAMI, the Entreprise Sociale les Îles is intended to group together the various tourism operations located at Old Harry, Grosse-Île and Entry Island, including Grandma's Bakery, the CAMI Museums, St. Peter's by the Sea Church, Old Harry Beach and the Museum and guided tours on Entry Island.

"The mission of the Entreprise Sociale les Îles is to harness the full potential of tourism while managing and supporting the economic development opportunities of the English-speaking community of the Islands, thereby promoting job creation, youth retention and community vitality", says Helena Burke, Executive Director of CAMI.

The aim is to encourage Magdalen Islanders and tourists to appreciate the English-speaking culture and traditions. "Our tourism offer is being developed and it is important for us to make the English culture and traditions known through the Southside Experiences," concludes Ms. Burke.

A New Visual Identity

Expériences côté sud, CAMI

Southside is the term used by those fishing in the Old Harry and Entry Island zones, so it is a common area that includes both communities and connects us to our traditional fishing roots. On the Southside Experiences logo, a house on the water's edge can be seen with the sun setting through the window, reminiscent of the calm and warm side of the English-speaking community, while the bird represents the fauna present on the archipelago.


For information:
Jonathan Patton | Adjoint exécutif
418 985-2116 #4

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