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Pack ice and seal pups aplenty for the 2019 season!

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Cap-aux-Meules, March 11, 2018- Château Madelinot was blessed with an abundance of pack ice and a sizeable concentration of harp seals for its winter package, which ran from February 21 to March 11, 2019. As in the 2018 season, the massive ice cover in the Gulf of St. Lawrence allowed Château Madelinot to operate its helicopter tours to the ice pack where over a hundred guests enjoyed the unique experience of meeting the seal pups.

In addition to the helicopter excursions, guests had a chance to experience winter in Quebec through a range of activities: ice fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, birdwatching, sunrise and sunset photo safaris, and much more. A visit to the Magdalen Islands wouldn't be complete without guided tours and meetings with local producers and artisans who, during the winter season, can take the time to welcome visitors from the world over!

This was Japanese photographer Rei Ohara's 30th visit to view the seal pups. It was a touching moment for him and the Château Madelinot team. A true ambassador for the seal pups in Japan, he is among those who have contributed to the success of this package over the years. For the occasion, he will publish a new book on the seal pups in Japan this coming summer.

"Even though the ice conditions continue to pose a challenge for us year after year, seeing the satisfaction and delight of our guests really motivates us to continue. Having harp seal whelping grounds on the pack ice off the coast of the Magdalen Island is an invaluable asset and we feel that it is almost our mission to allow people to discover and enjoy this unique experience," stated Ariane Bérubé, sales manager at Hôtels Accents.

"The 2019 season began and ended on a bright and sunny note! The team is already working on the 2020 and 2021 seasons and information requests have already started coming in. Even though the uncertainty of ice conditions has been a challenge for us since 2010, the winter package has become more and more popular because guests are aware of the impacts of climate change and know that it is important to seize the opportunity when a season like 2019 arises. The quality and value of the experience seem to be enhanced when guests feel they are privileged participants," added Ms. Bérubé.

In 2020, Château Madelinot will once again welcome guests from around the world in search of an island-based winter experience unlike any other. Information about the 2020 season will be available by the end of April.

With Auberge Madeli "Has it all," Château Madelinot "Seafront" and the Accents Resto Bistro, Hôtels Accents is proud to contribute to the development and visibility of Quebec as a destination for people around the world.



Ariane Bérubé
Sales and Communications Manager
Hôtels Accents | 1-855-986-2211

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