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Announcement of Funding to the Réseau muséal des Îles-de-la-Madeleine for the project Carnet de visite interactif

The Réseau muséal des Îles-de-la-Madeleine (Museum Network) received funding from the ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation through its programme d'appui aux secteurs stratégiques et au développement des créneaux d'excellence, as well as from the ministère de la Culture et des Communications through its programme de soutien à la concertation et à l'innovation des institutions muséales. In total, $108,136 were allocated by the departments, which allows the Museum Network to implement the Carnet de visite interactif for the 2018 tourism season.

Emerging from the collaborative efforts initiated in 2016 by the Cocreation Sprint, this project will initially be carried out by three local museum institutions: the Musée de la mer, the Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders (CAMI) and the Centre d'interprétation du phoque.

Phase 1
The Museum Network is currently in the process of developing the concept that will unite the three museum institutions to provide an authentic and unique experience for all visitors. The goal is to create a common thread between them, which will encourage visitors to discover all the museums of the archipelago. This concept will be implemented for the 2018 tourism season and will be assessed by the users to reach its full potential.

Phase 2
The Museum Network then wants to explore the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies to enhance its product. Thus, the phase 2 will consist in identifying all relevant digital media and creating a digital version of the Carnet de visite interactif.

This project aims to provide an overview of the museum tourism offering and promote referencing between the member institutions of the Museum Network. All new activities are designed to provide a contact with the islanders' way of life and help facilitate encounters between visitors and Madelinots. The Museum Network wants to offer an experience where technology is enhancing the guided tour experience, instead of replacing it.

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Jacinthe Marcoux

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