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Contes en Îles is turning sixteen - It's time for diversity and tales!

The team is thrilled to introduce you to their new programming for the 16th edition of the international festival Contes en Îles to be held from September 24 to October 1, 2017.

To mark the occasion, a launch event was held on Wednesday, August 16, at the Parc de Gros-Cap's Salle de L'Étoile with the following storytellers: Alice Boudreau - a young storyteller -,Michel Boudreau, Nicolas Landry and André Vigneau.

During the launch event, the Artistic Director introduced the 2017 edition storytellers and novelties. Some musts will once again be part of the programming, which include the storytelling happy hours held across the Islands, the "Grande Nuitée aux Flambeaux", the evening shows (including the opening night, the "Veillée des veillées" and the closing night). Other various theme-based shows will be held, including "Paroles de femmes", "Contes et musique", "D'une mer à l'autre" and "Nouveaux visages". Last but not least, other events like "Comme en premier dans la shed à..." - which became so popular since 2015 - will be held, and young storytellers will participate in the evening shows held at the Parc de Gros-Cap's Salle de L'Étoile.

A first in 2018: solo performances will be held on Saturday and Sunday afternoon during the last weekend - a rare occasion to see a storytelling artist alone on stage! On top of all those activities, a percussion workshop for teenagers and a show called "Les souffleurs de bulles" for children aged 4-8 will be held. Furthermore, the show "Sous le coup de l'Hakapik" will be presented during the closing night. This aboriginal tale was created in the Islands with the help of different kinds of artists: tales, dances, percussions and students from the Islands' high school. Lastly, a training will be offered to all storytellers throughout the festival in partnership with Arrimage and the Centre local d'emploi.
At sixteen, we let loose! From September 24 to October 1, come see and hear the diversity of those storytellers coming from Les Îles, Québec, Martinique, Haiti, Reunion Island, France and Switzerland. They will blow your mind!


Source :
Céline Lafrance - 418 986-5757

Directeur artistique - Nicolas Landry - 819 212-2512

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