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Portrait of Madelinot rewarded by a New York magazine

It is with great pride that Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine recognizes the reward obtained recently by the madelinot photographer Nigel Quinn.

Indeed, the local photographer has won honors as one of his photos ranks among the best portraits of the year of the New York magazine PDN (Photo District News).

The announcement was revealed on his personal Facebook account: "The photo editors of Time, Fast Company, Wired and Vanity Fair (...) have agreed to say that my photo is the best of what has been done in the portrait (...) professional this year. Who is the Irish levitating 2 inches of pride you think (...). "

The picture called "Misalo" putting in the foreground fisherman Denis Cormier, ranks among the best in the category "Commercial / Editorial" from the "Faces Portrait Competition" this year. Note that this photo was taken as part of a photo shoot for a special project organized by Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine for the Madelinot Portraits.

Missalo by Nigel Quinn

To view the winning entries for each category of the competition, follow this link.

Born on Entry Island, Îles de la Madeleine, Nigel Quinn is a self taught photographer that is enthralled by the beauty of this small archipelago. Even if he specializes in outdoor photography and with a keen interest in long exposures, he also has a growing interest in portraiture. He is currently working on a series of environmental portraits on Entry Island. His objective is to show in a humanist way the pride that the residents have in living in such a small and beautiful community, but also to touch on a growing challenge the island is facing : an aging population.


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