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Scallop on the menu

Many of us love eating scallops. But few have had the opportunity to go on a scallop aquaculture site. A whole new concept of a partnership between four companies now allows! Each Thursday of the summer season, you climb aboard the pontoon of the Trésors de la Lagune to access the Culti-mer scallop aquaculture site located in the lagoon of Havre-aux-Maisons and show producers at work. After touching, seen, felt and even eaten raw scallop, it brings you on a sightseeing tour with Autobus les Sillons toward Gourmande de Nature, to attend a culinary workshop... on the scallop!

With a duration of 4 hours total, you learn a lot on scallops and scallop culture: how supply of sea scallop spat, the methods used in the lagoon to allow scallop optimal growth, the impact of predators, the scallop swimming technique, different parts of the scallop... and many other surprises. Will follow a sightseeing tour of the Cap aux Meules Islands and learn the history of fishing and settlement of the Magdalen Islands and a culinary session where the Chef Johanne Vigneau meet you on the basic rules to sublimate this mollusk. You will have the opportunity to taste dishes made the whole with a glass of wine.

Scallops on the menu is a happy combination of the know-how of company passionate in their fields of action. Cultimer specializes in the production of shellfish at sea, Autobus les Sillons specialized in sightseeing tours on the archipelago, the treasures of the lagoon performs boat excursions in the lagoon of Havre - aux-Maisons and finally Johanne Vigneau offers cooking workshops and a superb range of local products in its greedy nature shop. For more information, check out the special offer.


Source: Trésors de la Lagune
Tel.: 418-937-8906

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