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A de luxe motor coach in Island colours

A de luxe motor coach in Island colours


Autobus les Sillons inc. is proud to announce the purchase of a second 55-passenger motor coach. The acquisition was necessary to ensure continuity, on an annual basis, of weekly bus transportation toward Quebec City and the Maritimes, with connections to Montreal and other cities. The motor coach will also be available for rental and charter purposes for groups, organisations or travel agencies who would like to use it for their different needs.


In partnership with Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine the exterior was designed with the colours and images of the Islands to promote the destination. The design, which was realized by Nuev Design, depicts the scenery that represents the Islands so well.


To ensure a permanent continuity of the weekly bus transportation service, it is hoped that the local population adopt this service and consider it a priviledged way to travel for the tourist clientele to get to the archipelago, on the same level as maritime or air transportation.


Autobus les Sillons has demonstrated over the past 2 years, its ability to provide a continuous service between the Islands and the mainland. This year, the company added necessary transport equipement, increased the number of experienced drivers and will be offering a discount on travel fare. The company will establish some special rates for students and people 60 years and older (will be in effect from January 1st 2012).


Even though the bus transportation established by Autobus les Sillons inc. has proven to be necessary to meet the increasing demands of the local population, as well as the tourist clientele, the number of users decreases during the low season and will have to be improved in order to continue a weekly service, 12 months per year. The purchase of a second motor coach will allow us more latitude to meet the customers' demand.


In January 2012, Autobus les Sillons inc. will be in their 3rd year of operation for the interregional weekly bus service.


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Damien Déraspe, Head of tourist department

Autobus les Sillons

284, chemin des Caps

Fatima (Qc) G4T 2S1

Phone : 418-986-3886

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Marie-Christine LeBlanc, Marketing Agent

Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine

128 chemin Principal

Cap-aux-Meules (Qc) G4T 1C5

Phone: 418 986-2245 ext. 227


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