Winter adventure and harp seal watching

Winter adventure and harp seal watching / Hôtels Accents - Château Madelinot

From Febuary 21, to March 11, 2019

Come enjoy this special experience from up in the sky; see the harp seals on the ice floe in the Gulf of St. Lawrence; watch the mothers taking care of their young; take photos of the little faces of the harp seal pups against the snow and ice that stretch as far as the eye can see. The Magdalen Islands are the only place in the world where you can see harp seal pups. And if the ice is thick enough, our helicopters will land only meters away from a spectacular herd of whitecoats. Accompanied by our guide, you'll have the privilege of observing them up close, in their natural habitat. In addition to the seal-watching experience, you'll be able to admire the immensity of the natural surroundings and enjoy a host of unique activities and landscapes.


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Hôtels Accents - Château Madelinot
323, route 199
Fatima, G4T 2H6
(Quebec, Canada)

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Special price

  • From $2,399
  • per person in double occupancy

Includes :

  • Accommodations at the Château Madelinot
  • Meals (breakfast or all-inclusive packages)
  • 1 helicopter tour
  • Activities (outdoors & culture and discovery)
  • Round trip from airport to Château Madelinot and a shuttle service to the village.
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