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Insularity, a daily trip in a postal card

Magdalen Island, sand dune, sea, sunset, blue sky

Everything was set up for me to move back on this little piece of floating land in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is thanks to travels, studies and encounters that I have taken roots on the archipelago where I grew up.

Let's put it that way: I never really left the Îles de la Madeleine, and they never really left me. Now 29 years old and well anchored in the village of L'Étang-du-Nord, for me, the Islands became an incredible place to live and an endless playground. And here are the three main reasons why.

Living in a postcard 

Living in a postcard is pretty unbelievable.To be honest, one can never really get used to it! On the Islands, Mother Nature plays tricks on us and sets the tone for the daily lives of islanders. Each morning, we check the wind to know which windows we can open, and most importantly, which ones need to stay closed. Each day, we read the time of the tides. Each month, we notice the seasons changing. Each year, we rediscover the red sandstone cliffs sculpted by the sea. And between you and me, erosion is disturbing, yet the ongoing construction of new landscapes is truly beautiful and striking. As for the sea, I'd rather float during winter. With a kayak, between the numerous ice blocks, sliding, under the light of March, surrounded by pieces of the Gulf drifting like tiny icebergs.

Magdalen Islands, red cliff, sea, ice floe, winter

Travel on a daily basis 

Over the years, I chose to see my life on the Islands as a way to travel on a daily basis. Even though I am a Madelinot, I also see myself as a tourist. I am one of the many locals who enjoy the archipelago no matter the season and revisit a land that never ceases to amaze and evolve. On the Islands, every day is a new journey where one creates new ways of doing things and embarks on new adventures, no matter how simple they can be.

Understand the concept of insularity 

Since coming back on the Islands, I have my own way of trying to understand the concept of insularity. Here, the reality has a real impact on our personalities, which are colourful, sometimes unpredictable, hard to tame, but fundamentally heart-warming. Living on a land with clear boundaries is not without consequences. It is true that the omnipresence of the sea sometimes represents a binding element, but it also allows me to focus on what really matters, which is the quality of life, human relations, natural environment and time spent with loved ones.
Setting an anchor on the Îles de la Madeleine three years ago wasn't a coincidence. Sharing, here and now, an island dweller ink certainly is a road leading somewhere. I invite you to come along and discover our funny postcards, the simplicity of my daily travels, and our surprising island life.

Par Jean-Étienne Solomon

As a Madelinot, I am one of the many locals who enjoy the archipelago no matter the season and revisit a land that never ceases to amaze and evolve.

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