Pointe de l'Est National Wildlife Area

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Pointe de l'Est National Wildlife Area

This National Wildlife Area, located near Grosse-Île, is a vestige of the sole ecosystem of its kind in Québec. Its 684-hectare site includes examples of all the typical elements of the archipelago's landscape. This territory is protected and administered by Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service and is part of a network of eight national wildlife areas in Québec. For many shorebirds and ducks, the Reserve represents an essential stopping point in their yearly migrations. The presence of the piping plover and the horned grebe during the breeding period is one of the main justifications for protecting the East Point habitat, since these birds are on the list of endangered species.

To explore the Area, its typical dune environment vegetation and its bird life, two nature interpretation trails are available: La Camarine and L'Échouerie. These are accessible from Route 199, after Grosse-Île and before Old-Harry wharf. Access to the Area is free and trails can be walked alone or with a guide. Outdoor outfitters offer nature interpretation excursions with a certified guide.



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