Île d'Entrée Lighthouse

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Île d'Entrée Lighthouse

The first lighthouse at Entry Island was built in 1874. It was destroyed by lightning in 1908 and rebuilt two years later. The present lighthouse, the island's third maritime sentinel, was built in 1969.

This lighthouse is a fine example of the evolution of the architecture of these structures on Les Îles de la Madeleine. It is the only reinforced concrete lighthouse on the archipelago. Most others are made of wood. With the Borgot lighthouse, at Étang-du-Nord, which was rebuilt with plastic materials in 1987, the Entry Island lighthouse is one of the more recent and modern lighthouses of the archipelago. It has a slender hexagonal structure which harkens back to the 1870s and echoes the first phase of lighthouse construction in Canada.

The lighthouse was automated in 1988. This marked the end of the career of its last keeper, John McLean. The McLean family still lives near the lighthouse.

This lighthouse is the first one that visitors see as they approach the archipelago aboard the ferry.




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