Anse-à-la-Cabane Lighthouse

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Anse-à-la-Cabane Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Anse-à-la-Cabane was built in 1870 and 1871. It is the oldest lighthouse of the archipelago that is still in service. It is also known as the Millerand or the Havre-Aubert Island lighthouse.

This type of lighthouse is characterised by an hexagonal wood structure and a slender shape. This shape was abandoned after 1871 in favour of a square design that was cheaper and easier to build. The lighthouse at Anse-à-la-Cabane was likely one of the last of its type built in Canada.

With a height of 17.1 metres, the lighthouse is the tallest one on Les Îles de la Madeleine. With the keeper's house and other outbuildings, the lighthouse à Anse-à-la-Cabane forms a grouping that is unique on the archipelago.

William Cormier was the first keeper of this lighthouse. He lived in the house built on the site in 1871. As was then the custom, his son Charles took over in 1912. A road to the lighthouse was not built until 1922. A new keeper's house was built in 1951. The following year, the old house was deemed to be in bad shape and demolished. Edmond Boudreau, the last keeper, held the job until 1970, when the lighthouse was automated.

The lighthouse at Anse-à-la-Cabane is located near what was a prime common seal hunting area for Madelinots. The lighthouse keeper used to provide timely information to the hunters regarding the movements of the herd.

It is also here that you will find the William-Cormier Heritage Park, an essential place to learn more about the history of the lighthouses of the Magdalen Islands.


This lighthouse in now on a private property and is not open to visitors.



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